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Yamaha ATV Tech Support

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1999 Yamaha Warrior - Idling Problems 02/28/02
I have a 99 Warrior,the day i bought it,it backfired.So i turned the screw under the carb out a little.I really couldnt tell if that helped or not,but i just kept riding it "hard".Now i have put K&M filter and White bros pipe.When i bought the pipe the told me i didnt need to jet it,which was when the first started making them.Anyways the other day i was riding and at full throttle the bike just died,i let off and it started back up.It also backfires alot,poping threw the air box.If i need to jet it what size should i start with?

1999 Yamaha Warrior - Idling Problems 02/25/02
I have a 99 warrior,white bros pipe,k&m filter,i was riding beside a blaster at full throttle and all of a sudden it just cut out and died. then i let off the throttle and it started running again.And if i just floor it just sitting there it will also die,what could be wrong? it back fires alot when you let off throttle when riding,its been doing that since i first bought it and was told they all do that.

1999 Yamaha Warrior - Idling Problems 01/29/02
I have a 99 warrior with the same problem as the 93 warrior carb seems to choke and doesnt want to idle please help i have white bros pipe and k&m filter

1998 Yamaha Warrior - Starting Problems 01/22/02
I have a 98 yamaha warrior and after ive been running it and i shut it off for a few minutes and then go to start it back up it wont start. but if i turn it over for a awhile on and off it will eventualy start and run great. i was wondering what the problem is thanks.

1998 Yamaha Banshee - Idle Problems 12/16/01
I have a 98'Banshee with Vito's power pistons 60 over,coolheads,and a boost bottle.My problem is that I need to shoot some carb cleaner to get it started, the choke must be half way out and it wont idle by itself.Do you have any solution?

1993 Yamaha Warrior - Idle Problems
I just bought a 93 warrior. It is an awsome bike! But, when i try to idle it, the engine or exhaust pops and then shuts off. I found something that said I should reconnect the green ground wire going to the reverse lever. Is that true? Even still, is there anything else it could be, because it is not just at high revs.
Ryan Deutsch

1998 Yamaha YFB250K Timberwolf - Valve settings?
I have a 1998 Yamaha YFB250K Timberwolf. Do you know what the valve settings are and the procedure for setting them?
Thank you

2001 Kodiak 400cc - Slipping drive belt
Have a '01 Kodiak 400cc, ultramatic, got it pretty wet and muddy this past weekend, drive belt was slipping. Took cover off and cleaned all best I could, belt does not appear to slip at all now but only have low gear. Any ideas you have on this would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

1996 Banshee - Suspension problems
hello. i would like to know how to adjust the stock suspesion on my 96 banshee, i a a big guy any every time i go off a decent jump the shock go all the way down so i make the shocks sofer or harder, or what do you recomend!

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